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in my childhood, my earliest exposure to music creation software was through promotional cd-roms i found in my cereal box. i remember getting excited by all the colours each instrument had. i also remember running and hiding whenever i closed the game, because the jingle at the end scared me as it was so loud and violent.

make your own music was a series of 5 cd-roms created as part of a competition from channel v (a now defunct australian music channel), and nutri-grain. they were released in 2003 (i think). the prize was having your song played on channel v, and a prize pack from panasonic.

all the samples in the songs are pre-made. the only thing the user can do is piece them together.

cereal box pc-games have been an important part of my childhood. we don't sell chex in new zealand, so i was never exposed to chex quest. instead i had age of empires, monopoly, pac-man, and more in my boxes.

this ep contains six songs i made for this jam (two from each of the three discs i own), plus a song i made in 2016. the bonus song uses the original recording, so it is lower in quality compared to the new songs. the zip also contains the project files of all the songs.

i have download links to the isos of each of these discs on my blog, zoh-gaeru.

i have also posted this ep to my bandcamp.


losthistoriesep.zip 10 MB

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